Cotswold Lavender – Paradise in Gloucestershire?

Perhaps thanks to Instagram, there seems to be a huge increase in the amount of floral fields you can now head to but one local flower farm that has been showing the rest how to do it is Cotswold Lavender in Snowshill, Gloucestershire. We headed there yesterday and had the best day so I thought it only right to let you all know about it.



I’ve been to a few other similar places now and arrogantly assumed I knew what to expect when I arrived at Cotswold Lavender but boy, was I wrong! Without overdoing it, I genuinely thought I’d stepped into my very own paradise on my doorstep.

For a start, it didn’t seem too busy. Granted, it was probably busier than it seemed but the lavender fields are so vast that there was plenty of space for everyone to stroll through the fields without photobombing another of the countless influencers you might see at another field. (Not that I have anything against those influencers, I too like a good photo in a field!) The other thing that struck me instantly was the incredible smell. My Nan always smelt like lavender so perhaps its a nostalgic thing, but what with that and the fact that we had lavender everywhere on our wedding day, Cotswold Lavender just felt special to me.

The girls were on top form and enjoyed being able to run around in the ‘pretty purple flowers’ spotting bees and ladybirds as they went. We played tag, did some lavender gymnastics (my 4 year old’s idea) and generally enjoyed being outside and in each other’s company. The promise of a snack in the café may have had something to do with their impeccable moods too!

Talking of the café, it was great. Lots of outdoor seating (and under cover too to escape the midday heat!) meant that we had plenty of space to enjoy our snacks as well as spot all the gorgeous dogs that had come to visit the fields too! The girls enjoyed some crisps and juice, whereas my Mum and I treated ourselves to something a bit sweeter. Mum had a Pain aux raisins – and it was definitely up there as one of the better ones I’ve eaten! I, on the other hand, thought it only right to have a cream tea and used it as an excuse to try one of their lavender scones. If you don’t like lavender, its probably not for you (then again why are you even here?) but if like me, you love a bit of botanical in your baking you’re in for a treat! I am going to put it out there, but it may just be one of the best scones I’ve ever eaten. That or I was just so happy that it felt like the best scone in the world. Either way, I have a lot to thank Cotswold Lavender for. We had the best few hours, and will be heading back I’m sure! Next time we might even take our own picnic as there were plenty of picnic tables in the main fields. I’ll definitely save room for a scone though!




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