Cotswold Clubhouse: Something New for Soft Play?

I am one of those parents who actively avoids soft play. I know that may make me sound like a mean parent, but I just can’t handle it. The neon, the noise, the overly-priced snacks – it’s not an overly enjoyable experience! Especially if, like us, you have a toddler who doesn’t really enjoy going in to the soft play alone!

So, when I was told about a new soft play opening over in Bourton-on-the-Water, I was naturally quite cynical. In my mind there was very little else that could be done on the soft play scene! Turns out I was wrong!

Yes, in lots of ways, this is the same as any other soft play – there are lots of children running around a huge indoor play area. However, Cotswold Clubhouse have included a few small changes to their model which actually make a massive difference.

First up is the fact that this play area looks like it’s been cleaned! Yes, Cotswold Clubhouse is still only a few weeks old, but it is already clear that the staff take great pride in keeping the place clean. Any accidents (which let’s face it are bound to happen!) are cleaned up swiftly and properly! The play area itself is also deep cleaned every evening. Point 1 to Cotswold Clubhouse!

The play area itself is generally very much as you would imagine – they have a larger play frame for over 3s, and a smaller sectioned off area for under 3s. However, they also have something quite special – a little snug for reading. My eldest spent a fair amount of time looking through the numerous books they have there, sat on a beanbag under the fairy lights. This may have even been her favourite part of the whole soft play, and it is certainly a really lovely addition to any soft play.

Another winning point for Cotswold Clubhouse is the café. So far, I’ve only had a hot drink but the lunch menu looks fab, especially the weaning platter for little ones! They also have a range of sandwiches etc and a really great range of cakes! Their hot chocolate was delicious! The only thing I would say is that our coffee took a little longer to come second time round – but the staff were very obviously new and so I’m sure moving forward, this won’t be an issue.

Last but by no means least is the fact that alongside being a soft play, Cotswold Clubhouse is also home to a gymnastics and trampolining club! They also have a huge range of classes in house, ranging from creative and music classes to pregnancy yoga and fitness classes – they even run maths sessions over the summer holidays! Also, rather excitingly they are going to be having a regular session where you can have a manicure whilst your children play – this is soft play, but not as we know it!

All in all, Caroline and her team have made somewhere that is a fun place to go rain or shine and they may have even converted me into one of those parents that happily goes along to soft play centres! I’m sure we’ll be back very soon!



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A languages teacher who became a mum for the first time in April 2015, and for the second time in September 2017. Danni lives with her wonderful husband, two beautiful girls and a rather cool cat. She loves reading, watching films and spending time with my family and friends. After blogging as Totally Mum, Totally Me for a year, Danni is really excited to launch Monkey & Pal

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