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house moveBack in September (albeit a few months after we would have liked – 2 weeks post c-section with a newborn and a toddler meant we enrolled a lot of help from friends and family) we finally moved into our brand new house back in Gloucestershire. It was the first time we bought a new-build house and so far we are enjoying the fact that we have been able to move straight in without having to do work that we don’t want to/don’t have the time to do.


Now a few months later, and after readjusting slightly to life as a 4, we are getting round to making this beautiful new house a home.

Don’t get me wrong we have filled the house with lots all of our previous furniture/decorations but as we have been lucky enough to upgrade to a bigger family home, we now need lots more things to fill it!

I have also been lucky enough to go and visit all of my friends’ beautiful new houses over the last few weeks and essentially I have got major soft furnishing envy (yes, that is a real thing!)

And so has started the trawl of home shops and online sites in the quest of finding the perfect items to fill our home (and all at the lowest cost possible – thanks maternity pay!) I’d love to say I’d pick up some bits at charity shops and upcycle them but I really have no talent whatsoever in that area so I’m hoping that by spending less elsewhere (yes I refused that beautiful Quba Sails coat and no more lunches at Pret!), we will be able to find what we really want for the house.

I’m lusting after this Carter armchair from http://www.next.co.uk

To me this is actually great as it gives me something to focus some energy on, and also quells my retail therapy needs! I have never considered myself a huge shopping fan (*cough cough*), but it turns out I absolutely love shopping for the house! The problem is, I seem to have quite expensive taste….slash I just like nice things and that’s ok right?

The kitchen was installed for us prior to moving in so thankfully that is one room that is pretty much done! The kitchen is really what sold the house to us; for me it is probably where I spend most of my time. I love to cook and its so great to have the space to do it in, and also to get the girls involved too. Thea is loving having her little kitchen step so that she can get involved in the action, and I can’t wait for Alex to be big enough to enjoy the fun too! I thought I’d have to wait until I was a ‘proper’ grown up (not that I’m sure what constitutes being a proper grown up) to have a kitchen island…. it is literally a dream come true to have one and we really do make the most of having it!20180123_152645

The next big thing on the list is the garden and Dan spent a big proportion of the weekend (along with our great friend Rich) extending the patio. I can’t wait for it to be done in time for the summer and all the BBQs that are bound to take place, regardless of what the British weather has to offer us!

After that, my next project is the lounge! This is going to be a slow but steady process as to be fair, most of the funds will be going on the garden before then!

I’ve picked up a couple of bits over the last few days actually and some at a fab price!

Any suggestions for finding items would be hugely welcomed! In the meantime I’ll just be here lusting after some more things online!




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A languages teacher who became a mum for the first time in April 2015, and for the second time in September 2017. Danni lives with her wonderful husband, two beautiful girls and a rather cool cat. She loves reading, watching films and spending time with my family and friends. After blogging as Totally Mum, Totally Me for a year, Danni is really excited to launch Monkey & Pal

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