Cinema with babies…Cinebabies

I’m a huge film fan. Going to the cinema was something that my husband and I did all the time before having kids. In fact if we had a free Saturday it would be a real treat to go and see as many films in a day as possible! Unfortunately we don’t get there quite as often anymore, relying on grandparents and friends to be babysitters so that we can go! It was a very sad day when we cancelled our Unlimited cards after over ten years of membership!

But something wonderful happened last week!!! I went to the cinema 3 times on as many days and I took the kids twice in that!

Thursday saw my first Cheltenham visit to Cinebabies, a fab idea where mums (or dads!!) can take their little ones along to enjoy the latest films. The only rule is they have to be under 18 months so as Thea was at nursery for the day, Alex and I went along to see Jumanji.

Now I had been to similar things with Thea when she was little and we lived in Wiltshire  but this in no way prepared me for the treat I could expect taking Alex.

Cinebabies (basically where the sound is turned down and lights are turned up) in Cheltenham is run once a month; this month’s offering was Jumanji and amazingly it was held in The Screening Rooms. Now for people who haven’t had the chance to catch a movie here, its pretty much the closest thing you can get to watching a film in the comfort of your own home. Comfy armchairs, little tables and friendly staff bringing your drinks and snacks to you….you know what, its probably even better than watching it at home! We had a great time, I enjoyed the film thoroughly  (especially jack Black’s performance as a 16yr old girl!!) and Alex had a lovely long nap, waking up just as the end credits rolled! It was a real success and will be a regular feature in our calendar, of that I’m sure!

Next up, I was aactually lucky enough to go back to The Screening Rooms to see a film I’ve been dying to see ever since I saw the first trailer months ago!! My Mum and I caught The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams and Zac Efron. From the opening sequence I was hooked. Without giving too much away it tells the story of P.T. Barnum and how he made his fortune setting up the world’s first circus. I love a musical and this delivered in every sense of the word…for me it was everything that La La Land tried to be and more. The soundtrack is addictive and I can’t wait for it come out! Another successful trip!!

Last up, the whole family (mummy, daddy, Thea and Alex) went to Movies for Juniors, this time in the regular Cineworld. We’ve taken Thea a couple of times before and its always a real treat to see her totally engaged in what she’s watching.  This time we got to see Sing (something we’ve seen a hundred times before but was somehow so much more special watching it on the big screen!) Armed with snacks to feed an army  (or indeed a single toddler) we found our seats and waited for the film to start. Now this trip wasn’t quite as easy as the previous 2 days but again it was really fun and Thea danced her way through the film only stopping to eat more popcorn.

Going to the cinema has always been one of our favourite things to do, and yes the experience has changed somewhat since becoming parents but going these few times has reminded me that we can still do it and still enjoy it! We just need to remember to pack a lot more snacks!!
(Cinebabies runs on a monthly basis, normally in the first couple of weeks of the month. More info can be found at

(The Screening Rooms describes itself as a deluxe cinema experience and is part of Cheltenham Cineworld in the Brewery quarter. More info and bookings via


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